The Reason I Haven’t Been Posting

Her name is Corey and we rescued her from a local shelter. She was a stray. They said she’s a spaniel mix, but I think she’s a border collie/pomeranian. Any guesses on breed?

Here she is with her snazzy doggie backpack. See the way her tail curves around? It looks like a pom tail. She’s a very shy and scared dog but we are going to conquer all her issues with love and many episodes of the Dog Whisperer šŸ™‚

I’m in New Jersey for a couple of weeks and hoping I will find some time to cook and post it on here!

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  1. Gina

     /  December 22, 2010

    She’s adorable, whatever breed(s) she is! I had a beloved black pomeranian, and I see some similarities (eyes, body length, tail). I love that you rescued her. I hope you have many happy memories together.

  2. Me

     /  February 4, 2012

    That tail is 100% Pommie!

  3. Shelley

     /  August 5, 2012

    I just adopted a dog from the shelter that looks almost identical to your Corey. I’ve been trying to figure out what breed(s) of dog she is. The shelter said she is a papillon mix, and I can see that in the ears especially, but she is 20 lb. and has more of a spitz-type face. Somebody suggested papillonxschipperke, and when I put pictures of those breeds together with hers I can really see a lot of similarities. Did you ever figure out what kind of dog your Corey is?

  4. Mary Sluder

     /  January 6, 2014

    Definitely border collie/Pomeranian, we have one and they are identical !!


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