This is how I’ve been feeling lately

Please refer to this excellent (and illustrated!) post at Hyperbole and a Half. It describes me so well that it’s eery.


The Reason I Haven’t Been Posting

Her name is Corey and we rescued her from a local shelter. She was a stray. They said she’s a spaniel mix, but I think she’s a border collie/pomeranian. Any guesses on breed?

Here she is with her snazzy doggie backpack. See the way her tail curves around? It looks like a pom tail. She’s a very shy and scared dog but we are going to conquer all her issues with love and many episodes of the Dog Whisperer 🙂

I’m in New Jersey for a couple of weeks and hoping I will find some time to cook and post it on here!

The Former Jersey Cook?

So I kind of have a confession to make — I’ve actually been living in Southern California for the past few months. The guy I’m dating got a job out here and I decided to go with him to see how I liked it. Technically, I haven’t moved; I’ve just been “visiting.” But for all intents and purposes, this is where I’ve been sleeping and cooking since January. I still haven’t been able to find a job here or made a final decision about whether or not I’m going to stay. The good thing is that I have complete control over the kitchen — I was lucky enough to decide on almost every utensil, pot, pan, knife, bowl, appliance, gadget, and do-dad that we’ve bought for this place. It’s been amazing and I hope I get to stay out here and establish an actual residency instead of this limbo stuff I’ve been going through. That’s my update. Expect more recipes coming this week!


New Site Feature – How to Stock Your Pantry

First of all, happy new year to everyone! I am kicking off 2010 with a new page on the site – How to Stock Your Pantry. I discuss the items I keep in my own pantry and the uses for them. For so many of us, it’s a huge struggle to keep well-stocked without running out of space. I try to keep a limited supply of the bulkier things — like only having one type of short pasta and one type of long — to save space. I also try to clean it out regularly and throw out anything that’s expired or that I don’t plan on using anymore. I would love to hear what you all have to say about the topic. You can access the page by the link in the right-hand menu, or click below.

So click here to read my tips on stocking your pantry and let me know what you think!


I wanted to apologize for the lack of new posts lately. I took a road trip from New Jersey to California and have have been too crazy to post on the blog, not to mention the fact that I haven’t cooked anything in two weeks because most hotel rooms don’t have kitchens! Fortunately, I will be back to New Jersey and back to cooking shortly so look for new posts coming in less than a week!