Updated for Cinco de Mayo with new photos!

Who doesn’t love drinks with dinner? Usually we stick to wine, but I just had to make margaritas for my Southwestern food night (chipotle-lime chicken recipe here and black bean & corn salsa recipe here). You will find a ton of variations for margarita recipes on the web, but I love this particular combination of tequila, orange liqueur, and lime juice. I prefer fresh lime juice over sour mix because it has a brighter flavor and really perks up the drink for me. I also love salt around the rim because it’s a great compliment to the strong flavors in the margarita. If you want, you can throw this mix into a blender to make frozen margaritas, but I like mine on the rocks.

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Gin-gin cocktail

I have no idea what this gin & ginger ale cocktail is actually called, but I’ve decided to call it a gin-gin. Because it sounds cute. I really like the blend of flavors here. I’m not usually a big fan of gin, but the ginger ale really balances out that flowery taste and the lime juice gives it a nice zing. ┬áThis recipe is for one serving, but you can easily double (or triple, or quadruple) it.

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