Genius Grilled Potatoes with Roasted Garlic-Herb Dressing

I might be in love with Bobby Flay. I have never tried a recipe of his that I didn’t fall in love with. (Except the ones that include cilantro, but that’s only because I hate the taste of it. Usually I just replace with another herb and still get stellar results.)

Why the word “genius” in the title of this post? Because of the two-step cooking process. See, Bobby realizes that if you just throw raw potatoes on the grill, the outside will burn before the inside is done cooking. So you will have a charred potato that is still raw in the middle. Bobby’s solution? Par-boil those babies before throwing them on the grill. That way, most of the cooking is done in a pot on the stove and the potatoes are grilled for only a few minutes to get some gorgeous grill marks and crust on the outside.

Finally, I just want to say, that my stick blender is amazing- with it, the dressing comes together in less than 10 seconds.

Attention: there are a lot of steps in this recipe and you will have too many dishes to do. My suggestion: pour yourself a glass of white wine, put on some music, and take the extra time. All those steps are vital to the final dish and you will be very happy that you didn’t take shortcuts.

By the way, the dressing recipes makes twice the amount you need for the potatoes. Go ahead and make all of it. Use it on your sandwich, as a dip for your fries, as a marinade for chicken. It’s versatile and it’s delicious.

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Chipotle-Lime Chicken

I went for a Southwestern-themed dinner the other night: spicy chipotle chicken, corn and black bean salsa, and margaritas! We’ve been experiencing some screwy weather in New Jersey lately – cool fall days mixed with hot summery days. I made this chicken on one of those 85° days and we even grilled outside, but you could just as easily cook the chicken on a grill pan or in the oven. The chipotle-lime marinade provides the chicken with a little bit of spice and some bite, but it’s not a very overpowering flavor.

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Tandoori-Style Chicken

I decided to do an Indian theme for dinner the other night so I chose a tandoori-style chicken and some oven-roasted vegetables. This recipe can be made with breasts or thighs. It tastes a lot like tandoori chicken to me, the only difference being that this wasn’t cooked in a tandoori oven. I made it on the grill, but it would also work in a really hot oven. It would taste great with a side of couscous or basmati rice.

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