Happy Cinco de Mayo!

The other day, I decided I want to have a Cinco de Mayo party. In all honesty, I just wanted an excuse to drink tequila and eat delicious food. So a happy boozy holiday to you and yours! I’ll be serving chicken tacos and letting the guests put them together on their own. Here’s what I’m featuring at my party. Hope it’ll inspire you!

margarita cocktail recipe
Margaritas! (recipe here): This one’s a no-brainer.
mexican chicken taco
Chicken with taco seasoning (recipe here): I’m going to serve it with soft corn tortillas and the stuff below.
easy side dish red cabbage cole slaw
Red cabbage slaw (recipe here): Not really Mexican, but it’s super tasty in tacos.
Spanish rice (recipe from Elise at Simply Recipes here): I love this rice – so easy and so flavorful.
Black beans (no recipe): Just canned beans simmered in chicken broth and salt with a sprinkle of cumin until warmed through.

Haven’t decided on dessert yet. Maybe margarita cake? Or tres leches cake? Or how about flan?

I’d love to hear about your plans for Cinco de Mayo. What are you eating/drinking/doing? Let us know in the comments below!



Updated for Cinco de Mayo with new photos!

Who doesn’t love drinks with dinner? Usually we stick to wine, but I just had to make margaritas for my Southwestern food night (chipotle-lime chicken recipe here and black bean & corn salsa recipe here). You will find a ton of variations for margarita recipes on the web, but I love this particular combination of tequila, orange liqueur, and lime juice. I prefer fresh lime juice over sour mix because it has a brighter flavor and really perks up the drink for me. I also love salt around the rim because it’s a great compliment to the strong flavors in the margarita. If you want, you can throw this mix into a blender to make frozen margaritas, but I like mine on the rocks.

Read the recipe and the rest of the post here…