Thai Red Curry Shrimp Soup

thai red curry shrimp soup

I was feeling pretty sick the other night and needed some soup to soothe my soul. I had a spicy shrimp soup at a Thai restaurant years ago that was the inspiration for creating this recipe at home. I’m really glad it worked out. ┬áThe spiciness cleared out my sinuses and it came together pretty quickly with minimal effort. I will definitely be making this again.

This soup is pretty accessible. Usually Thai dishes call for exotic ingredients like kefir lime leaves, fish sauce and galangal. This is a Thai-style dish, so I just used what I had in my pantry. It tasted pretty close to the real thing so I’m happy with it and I’m glad I didn’t have to run to the store and search for things when I was sick.

The base is great, and I can imagine adding more veggies to make it into a full meal. Commenter Kathy D. suggested baby corn, beech mushrooms, bamboo shoots, chinese cabbage, and pea pods. I also think bell pepper, water chestnuts, straw mushrooms, and carrots would be great here.

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Sesame Soba Noodles with Shrimp

I love the Pioneer Woman’s blog. She takes tons of photos and walks her readers through each step of a recipe. And when I saw her post on sesame noodles, I knew I had to make them. I had every single ingredient in my pantry and fridge. They were calling out to me. I did make some adjustments, though. Her recipes usually call for too much oil or butter or sugar. I prefer lighter cooking. I also don’t like dishes that are just pasta so I took her advice to add veggies and shrimp. I had soba noodles in the pantry which is an Asian buckwheat noodle. You can use any kind of noodle you have or go to the store and try something new!

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