Homemade Vegetable Stock

Like many cooks, I use stock and broth all the time to boost the flavors of the food I make. It’s not too expensive — I like to buy the cardboard containers from Whole Foods for about two bucks. But what I never knew was how easy it is to make your own stock. And you don’t even have to buy new ingredients for it! Just use scraps from the veggies you use in your everyday cooking. So as somebody who hates wasting ingredients and loves experimenting in the kitchen, I had to try it.

All I do is add my food scraps into a gallon-sized bag in my freezer. Once the bag fills up, it’s time to make stock! It’s so easy — there’s almost no work involved. Just get in the habit of throwing your vegetable scraps in the freezer instead of the garbage and then boil some water. Let it sit over a flame, strain it, and you’ve got delicious homemade broth from nothing but odds and ends. Essentially, this is a free way to flavor your food.

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New Site Feature – How to Stock Your Pantry

First of all, happy new year to everyone! I am kicking off 2010 with a new page on the site – How to Stock Your Pantry. I discuss the items I keep in my own pantry and the uses for them. For so many of us, it’s a huge struggle to keep well-stocked without running out of space. I try to keep a limited supply of the bulkier things — like only having one type of short pasta and one type of long — to save space. I also try to clean it out regularly and throw out anything that’s expired or that I don’t plan on using anymore. I would love to hear what you all have to say about the topic. You can access the page by the link in the right-hand menu, or click below.

So click here to read my tips on stocking your pantry and let me know what you think!